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About TD Publishing

At TD Publishing, we are passionate about bringing great stories to life. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are committed to discovering and supporting talented authors, and to publishing books that will engage, entertain, and inspire readers.

What we Believe

We believe in the power of storytelling, and we are constantly on the lookout for fresh voices and unique perspectives. Whether it’s a gripping thriller, a heart-warming romance, or a thought-provoking work of non-fiction, we are dedicated to publishing books that will make a lasting impression on our readers.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we also prioritize diversity and inclusivity in the books we publish. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the stories they read, and we are dedicated to amplifying a wide range of voices and experiences in our publishing program.

At TD Publishing, we believe that great books have the power to change lives. That’s why we work closely with our authors to help them perfect their craft, and to bring their vision to the page. We are proud to offer a wide range of editorial, design, and marketing services to support our authors and ensure their success.

We are always on the lookout for the next great story, and we would love to hear from you. Whether you’re an aspiring author looking for guidance, or a reader searching for your next favourite book, we hope you’ll join us on our journey to discover the world’s best stories.

Thank you for choosing TD Publishing. We can’t wait to see where your reading journey takes you.

Our mission

Our mission is to publish books that make a positive impact on society. We believe that books have the power to change minds and hearts, and we work to produce books that will help make the world a better place.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the premier destination for diverse and inclusive voices in literature, and to use the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and entertain readers around the world.

Our Values

Inclusivity and diversity

At TD Publishing, we believe that stories have the power to bring people together and to inspire understanding and empathy. That’s why we are committed to publishing books that represent a wide range of voices, experiences, and perspectives. We believe that diversity enriches the literary landscape and helps to create a more inclusive and equitable world. Whether it’s through our bestselling novels, our award-winning non-fiction, or our ground breaking poetry, we strive to publish books that reflect the diversity of our world and that give all readers the opportunity to see themselves in the stories we tell.


We believe that quality is of the utmost importance. We are committed to publishing books that are well-written, well-designed, and engaging to readers. Our team of experienced editors and designers work closely with authors to develop manuscripts that are polished, engaging, and thought-provoking. We use the latest technology and production techniques to ensure that our books are of the highest quality, from the initial concept to the final printed product. We believe that by investing in quality, we can create books that will inspire, educate, and entertain our readers for years to come.


Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to publish books that are accurate, fair, and honest, and that uphold the highest standards of journalism and ethics. We believe that our readers trust us to provide them with reliable and truthful information, and we take that responsibility seriously.

As part of our commitment to integrity, we have strict editorial guidelines in place to ensure that our books are fact-checked and reviewed by multiple people before they are published. We also encourage open and honest communication with our authors and partners, and we take any concerns or complaints seriously.

In a world where fake news and misinformation are becoming increasingly prevalent, we believe that it’s more important than ever to uphold the value of integrity. We are proud to be a publishing house that can be trusted to deliver high-quality, reliable, and truthful books to our readers.


We believe that collaboration is key to creating the best possible books. We work closely with our authors, editors, designers, and other partners to ensure that each book is a success. By sharing ideas, providing feedback, and working together, we are able to bring our authors’ visions to life and to produce books that are engaging, informative, and truly exceptional.

We also value collaboration within the publishing industry and the wider literary community. We believe that by working together, we can support and promote the art of storytelling, and help to foster a love of reading and writing among readers of all ages. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at our publishing house. It allows us to create books that are truly special, and to contribute to the thriving literary culture that we are proud to be a part of.


At TD Publishing, we believe in the power of community to connect people with great stories and ideas. We’re committed to being an active and engaged member of the publishing industry and the wider literary community, and to supporting initiatives that promote reading and writing.

As a TD Publishing author, you’ll be part of a supportive and collaborative community of writers, editors, and readers. We host regular events and workshops to bring our authors and readers together, and we’re always looking for new ways to connect with the literary community.

We also believe in giving back to the community. That’s why we support organizations that promote literacy and access to books, and why we partner with local schools and libraries to help bring books to readers of all ages.

At TD Publishing, we believe that books have the power to bring people together, and we’re dedicated to fostering a sense of community through our publishing efforts.

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